About Kaiden

Writing about oneself is always a little strange. We put these lil blurbs in our SL profiles or on social media in an attempt to answer “Who is (insert name)?” for those who don’t know us or don’t know us well. I find the difficult part is what you’re trying to convey about yourself isn’t always what may be perceived by others. In my particular case, I often struggle with organizing my thoughts to put down on paper, so to speak, and I end up with more rambles and randomness than originally intended. (Thank goodness for the modern age of technology and the delete button!)

So back to me… (see told you I get off-track!)

I joined Second Life in 2008. Having Kaiden has allowed me to express a funkier side of myself that RL doesn’t always allow while also being a bit of a creative playground. For instance: there’s no way I’d be able to walk around in high heels all day every day and I’m far too short to pull off wearing leather pants lol. I’ve been just about every “race” or “form” SL has to offer, the only exception being a full on animal/furry for any longer than a day. Neko is as close as I get, mostly because I feel the need to have some sort of human-like form at all times otherwise it just doesn’t feel like me. 95% of the time I’m a vampire

I am excited that I get to share my perspective of Second Life with you. After almost 2 years of doing a Flickr “mirco-blog” I decided to switch to a website. I tend to focus more on the overall image rather than the clothing/fashion aspect, so some pictures will be more heavily photoshopped than others and I’m not always going to write on each post because of my tendency to ramble. I blog for my own self and my whims because I know I can’t keep to a fashion bloggers schedule. I’ll still try to credit everything, only because it drives me batty when I see a fabulous shot and I’m left to wonder about the poses, location, etc. Granted, my photography is not the greatest thing since sliced white bread. I often look at others’ work in awe and wonder if I’ll ever be that amazing, but then I remember that each person has their own talents and I’m constantly learning new things about photography and using photoshop.

If you’re not bored by all I’ve written yet, here are few (more) things to note about me:

  • I’m a definite shoe whore in both lives with a pair for every occasion and then some! As far as SL shoes go, a dear friend and fashionista introduced lil noobie me to “toe shoes” and I’ve been in love ever since.
    “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” -Marilyn Monroe
  • I have a major SL hair and skin addiction (easily 100+ of each). Greater even than my shoe collection, and I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.
  • It’s been 6 years now with Mark Draconia my SL and RL hubby. He is my complement, my other half, and the better half of our relationship (don’t tell him I said that though because he’ll get a big head). I’m not sure how he puts up with my some days, but it’s good knowing that he’s not sick of me and my craziness.
  • Photography: I love it for the ability to express yourself where words might fail. Blogging is a new venture, but photography has been a passion for years now, filling up my flickr with photos of friends, family and other randomness. Of course if you ask Mark’s opinion, I have way too many half-naked photos on there and my flickr is a way to express my inner exhibitionist. Pffft.

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